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Manufacturer Warranty Information

It is our desire to serve you as quickly and effectively as possible

We at Factory Direct Bus Sales are eager to ensure your continued satisfaction with your new bus. There may come a time when repair covered under your Manufacturer Warranty Policy is needed. The following information is provided to help you understand how to utilize the warranty services and get your bus back on the road.

Manufacturers we are a licensed warranty service facility for:

Collins, Blue Bird, Micro Bird, Cummins, Starcraft, World Trans, Goshen, Tiffany, Federal Coach, Crystal and Gretch.

Form Downloads

Fill out the forms below and either fax, mail in or bring down to our Offices at 155 Terminal Drive,Plainview, NY 11803 or 1 Warehouse Lane,Elmsford, NY 10523.

Factory Direct Bus Sales Manufacturer Warranty

We Are Your Advocate!

It is our desire to serve you as quickly and effectively as possible

Factory Direct Bus Sales, Inc. acts solely as an administrator of the warranties for each component manufacturer. The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) provides to you their own expressed warranty. Factory Direct Bus Sales covers only what the OEM explicitly states in the owner’s certificate. If you are unable to locate this certificate, please contact our Warranty Administration Office, and we would be happy to provide you with another one.

The manufacturer warranty policy described in each individual owner’s certificate is intended to cover the reasonable cost of making repairs to your bus for parts that fail within the designated warranty period. Having the cost of a repair covered under the warranty policy means you have followed all the maintenance procedures outlined in the Owner’s Manual. It also means the part failed within the designated warranty period. The Warranty Policy does not cover routine maintenance. It, also, does not cover repairs for parts failing outside the designated warranty period.

If you have any questions, please e-mail our Service Departments: for Plainview or for Elmsford or call us at 888-275-7425 ask for the Service Department.

Procedures for Filing a Warranty Claim

If you experience a problem with your new bus, it is imperative you contact our Service Department prior to making the repair. Together we will come to a solution to get your bus back into operation with the least amount of inconvenience.

For more information call us at 888-275-7425 and ask for Service.

1) Contact Factory Direct Bus Sales’ Service Departments immediately to obtain repair authorization. Bird Bus will obtain the pertinent information from the customer such as bus body number, mileage, cause of problem, and approximate repair cost. Please have that information available before contacting our Warranty Administration Office.

2) Depending on the type of problem, our Service Department will discuss with you the best way to get your bus back on the road. We may ask you to return the bus to our service facility or take it to another authorized warranty service facility. If circumstances warrant, you will be given authorization to repair it at your own facility.

3) In order for us to assist you with manufacturer warranty reimbursements through the OEM warranty, any parts used in the approved repair must be obtained through Factory Direct Bus Sales. Once you have received authorization and the replacement part(s) (if necessary) from Factory Direct Bus Sales, you may then perform the required repair.

4) Return the failed part along with your completed repair invoice to the Factory Direct Bus Sales’ Warranty Administration Office. Prior to sending the invoice, please ensure it contains the following information: body number, mileage, complaint, cause of failure, and correction.

5) Upon receipt of the failed part and repair invoice, Factory Direct Bus Sales will credit your account for the cost of the failed part(s) and file a claim back to the OEM to obtain additional credit for any approved labor costs incurred.