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New York State Bus Distributors Association Lauds Governor Cuomo and NYS Legislature for Enacting Important School Bus Safety Law

“The New York State Bus Distributors Association (NYSBDA) has long supported the efforts of New York Association for Pupil Transportation and the New York School Bus Contractors Association to pass a law to have every school bus driver in New York State included in the pool of drivers who can be subjected to random drug and alcohol testing,” said NYSBDA President, Robert Reichenbach.

“Governor Cuomo and the New York State legislature have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to school bus safety by enacting this very important law. It was an industry-wide effort that began in 2013 and it would not have happened without the entire New York school transportation family working together.”

The new law amends the vehicle and traffic law and education law to require pre-employment and ongoing random drug and alcohol testing of school bus drivers who were not previously subjected to testing. School bus drivers in New York State who were driving small school buses (type-A buses), carrying less than 16 passengers, were not subjected to pre-employment or random drug and alcohol testing. The new law will strengthen current oversight of school bus drivers by ensuring that all school bus drivers are subject to preemployment and random drug and alcohol testing and are part of the 10% pool for random testing. For more information regarding the law click here.


NYFAC’s New Bus!

NYFAC’s Andrew Baumann holds the keys to their new Starcraft bus! Congratulations to Andrew Baumann and everyone at NYFAC’s on their beautiful new Starcraft Bus!

Bird Bus Sales provides 100% All Electric School Buses to NYC and Long Island

On April 10th 2018, Bird Bus Sales held the very first “Ride-and-Drive” event in New York for the All American RE Electric Blue Bird School Bus. The event was hosted at Bird Bus Sales’ Plainview location and was designed to provide school districts and contractors from Westchester, NYC, and Long Island an opportunity to test ride the new vehicle.
In New York state, over 2.3 million children ride a yellow school bus to and from school each day according to the New York Association for Pupil Transportation. Approximately 480,000 school buses carry 25 million children throughout the country.
While new buses meet EPA’s tougher emission standards, many older school buses continue to emit harmful diesel exhaust. No matter how one looks at it, whether it is labeled diesel or “clean Diesel”, the exhaust produces harmful air contaminants such as ozone-forming nitrogen oxides (Nox) and particulate matter. This is especially harmful to children because they have faster breathing rates than adults. Exposure to these emissions can lead to repertory issues and aggravate conditions such as asthma, which affects over 6 million children, making it the most common long-term childhood disease. By the year 2027, the EPA wishes to eliminate current pollutant levels by 1.1 billion metric tons, and reduce oil consumption by up to two billion barrels over the lifetime of the vehicles sold from 2021-2027. Bird Bus can help you stay up to date and ahead of the curb with EPA regulations with the zero-emissions Electric Bus.
“With diesel, gasoline, propane, and CNG engines offered across our product range, Blue Bird already leads the way in the breadth of affordable engine offerings for our customers”, said Rick Reichenbach, President and CEO of Bird Bus Sales. “The addition of electric-powered buses to our line is a further illustration of our commitment to provide innovation and value to our customers. With zero emissions, low operating costs and terrific electric engine development partners in ADOMANI and Blue Bird, we believe now is a great time to bring these new electric solutions to the market.
With over 150 people in attendance, contractors, school districts, politicians, and media presence all learning the benefits of going true green with Blue Bird’s All Electric school bus.
Aside from the Zero-emissions of pollutants, the electric bus provides an opportunity for contractors to save a substantial amount of money.
Robert Reichenbach, VP of Sales, explained to the audience that while the initial cost of the electric vehicle seems higher than your typical conventional school bus, there are multiple opportunities to save. Blue Bird Corporation and Bird Bus Sales now qualifies for the New York Truck-Voucher Incentive Program, which is a purchase incentive of up to $150,000 per school bus. Additional savings and grants may be obtained via the EPA, Volkswagen Settlement Funds and Clean Cities Organizations.
Because the electric bus is zero emissions, there is no engine and no grease, oil, sludge. The single electric motor and drivetrain provides a savings in lost dollars for oil changes, tune-ups, engine and exhaust issues and much, much more. It is estimated that over the course of the cycle of the vehicle there is a maintenance savings of up to $50,000. Combine that with the NYT-VIP, a contractor can save nearly $200,000 including maintenance cost!
Additionally a type A Micro Bird G5 Electric school bus on a Ford E450 chassis, which touts a range of up to 100 miles in a single charge, became a reality. “The Micro Bird G5 Electric will be offered as an integrated and certified solution that expands on Blue Bird’s market leading school bus product line,“ said Steve Girardin, President of Micro Bird. “With 100 miles of range in almost all climates and comparable performances with a combustion engine, we are particularly proud that our Micro Bird G5 Electric will continue to further Blue Bird’s leadership in the reduction of greenhouse gases.”
Both the Blue Bird and Micro Bird Electric vehicles are already operating in California and are in production for New York, with delivery ready for Fall 2018.
For further information regarding Bird Bus and its zero-emissions all electric school bus, please contact Emily Waagner at emilyw@birdbussales.com or 516-767-2700 x120.
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