Luxury Bus

Buses are usually considered to be a means of transportation, but, have you ever thought that buses could also be a sign of luxury? Buses have evolved so much since earlier times that along with buses that you see every day on the road, you will also find luxury buses, which are designed to provide you utmost comfort and an extravagant feel. Whether you plan to buy a limo bus, shuttle, or motorcoach, Factory Direct Bus sales is here to not only find the luxury bus to meet your needs, but to also maintain your luxury vehicle.

Luxury Bus Manufacturers

Factory Direct Bus Sales has built its reputation in part because of the high-quality vehicles we sell. Your transportation options will include vehicles from respected manufacturers such as Turtle Top, Federal and more.

If engine efficiency and low emissions are priorities, many of our vehicles offer CNG, propane and diesel options. FTA/Altoona tested for ten years and 350,000 miles or 12 years and 500,000 miles, your Factory Direct Bus vehicle purchase will meet your needs for safety, accessibility, durability and comfort.

Factory Direct Bus Sales Bus Parts and Service Departments

Even vehicles from the world’s most-respected manufacturers need regular maintenance and repair. Whether you buy a Luxury bus from Factory Direct Bus Sales or someone else you’ll find our Parts and Service Departments are there for all your bus needs.

We inspect, maintain and repair the vehicles we sell with expertise.

From preventative maintenance to warrantied engine repair, our technicians will maintain and repair your vehicle quickly.  We’re the people who can help you find, maintain and repair the vehicle that is best suited for your needs.

Choose Factory Direct Bus Sales for Your Next Luxury Vehicle Purchase

When you’re ready to purchase your next Luxury vehicle for your community or business, Factory Direct Bus Sales is here to help. We have made it our mission to provide the best possible transportation solutions.

Not only do we sell, we also maintain and repair them with expertise. That’s why Factory Direct Bus Sales is the unsurpassed leader in safe, reliable, durable and accessible transportation.

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