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Collins developed the first Type A school bus in 1967 and for more than five decades we’ve been committed to innovating the future of school buses and ensuring we protect our most important passengers — mile after mile. Innovative engineering and platform flexibility fuel our process to build buses that meet every need and deliver industry-leading strength and safety. Collins designs and manufacturers school buses that are at the head of their class.


Building the best school bus begins with building the safest school bus. Our exclusive design features have protected our most precious cargo for generations, and our innovative approach to engineering has made us the industry’s most trusted school bus company. From producing the market’s strongest roof to the planned introduction of the industry’s first low-floor design, we’re driven to manufacture a better school bus. Period

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Each bus is constructed with high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel to produce a one-piece tubular roof bow that is 66% stronger than traditional steel. Meanwhile, the sturdy roll cage structure maximizes passenger protection by utilizing full-length, interlocking cage stringers and floor beams. The result? A dependable G90 galvanized steel structure that resists corrosion.


When it comes to building dependable buses for school, commercial and multi-purpose functions, our top priority is the safety of each passenger on board. That’s why our buses give drivers the maximum visibility available to ensure passengers enjoy a safe entry and exit. On the Ford Transit model, drivers have up to an impressive 810-square inches of visibility.


Providing passengers with a safe and comfortable seating experience as they ride on your buses, Collins offers a variety of seating configurations and color combinations for you to choose from. To best customize your school and activity bus fleets, your selections will range from bench seating, child restraints, 3-point belt systems, as well as Freedman activity seats.


In addition to the safety features built into each Collins bus, we also want to ensure passengers enjoy their commutes. Our high-visibility passenger window designs provide exclusive water shedding features to keep out the elements, the AS3 tempered, 26% tinted glass adds safety and temperature control, and the oversized windows give you flexibility for seat placement.


Your fleet will benefit from an exclusive storage/battery compartment that delivers up to 7.2-cubic feet of space, depending on model selection. This compartment can hold 120- to 200-lbs. of equipment, delivers the flexibility needed to store batteries, jumper cables and other safety equipment, and has passed the Altoona simulated test for 7-years/200,000-miles of durability.

Electrical System

Delivering a simplified electrical system that features plug and play fuses and relays; your Collins bus fleet will have a clean and efficient control panel that allows users to customize their ride. The easy-to-access integrated power switching and circuit protection gives you expansion capabilities when you need to add secondary features, such as cameras, GPS devices and more.